April - 7 - 2011 - Thursday

The Rockcastle County Chamber of Commerce is asking for you help in engineering our Ambassador program by participating in a public relations opportunity that will help to establish and/or maintain your business as a part of the community. We are asking that you designate a “rising star” in your organization to be an Ambassador with the Chamber. This experience will help your emerging leader to develop the skills, self confidence, and professionalism that he or she will use for the success of your business. This is, of course, a great networking opportunity to increase your client base and stay in contact with existing customers. It gives the public a chance to connect a business name with a face.

Ambassadors serve as a liaison between the Chamber of Commerce and its members. They welcome new members and touch base with current ones. They are involved in event planning and attend events to “meet and greet”. They also work with the Chamber Board on important projects and issues.

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity. To appoint a professional from your organization, simply complete the information requested at the links below.

Recruitment Letter

Amassador Agreement

About us

We will continuously strive to improve the economic well being of our county, to build a strong sense of community, to promote and help build a positive business climate and to enhance lines of communication between local business and government.

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